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Editors Note:

Life is like any good forest trail. No matter how well you might think you know where you are going, there could be a little surprise on the trail around the very next corner. And so it is, that every once in while life gets a tad more interesting than usual.

Things like bypass surgery, divorce and other near death experiences can get in the way of best laid plans and intentions. Then things change ... and we haven't even got to retirement and decrepitude :-)

... not sure how that will play out with regards to the Dirt Bike Australia web site. Aside from that, web technology has been continuously changing and it's once more time for a rebuild. Since it's become rather large, this may take a while ... so please be patient.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Dirt Bike Australia domain set, give me yell ;-)

Also boys and girls ... we still get emails from riders who think this is the ADB mag (Australasian Dirt Bike magazine) web site, even though it is clearly stated on the contact page that this is not the case. We've got nothing to do with them ... at all.

And lastly, sorry for all the emails that have been missed over that last year or so ... been busy trying to survive in tight times.

Enjoy your dirt biking

- Editor

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