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Honda's race report of round 12 (of 15) in the 2010 FIM World Championship at the Grand Prix of Bonver held at Loket, Czech Republic.
Tanel Leok Victorious at Bonver GP, Czech Republic: 08/08/2010  

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 Tanel Leok - Honda CRF450R 
 Photo by Ray Archer 
 Photo courtesy Honda Pro Racing
Tanel Leok Honda CRF450R - Photo by Ray Archer - Photo courtesy Honda Pro Racing

Race Report - MX1 World Championship, Round 12 Loket, Czech Republic

Tanel Leok Victorious In Bonver GP, Czech Republic

LS Motors Honda rider Tanel Leok took a win in fine style in the first moto at the Bonver GP in Loket, Czech Republic.

The Estonian made a strong start running in 2nd position behind KTM's Antonio Cairoli but it wasn't long before he started to apply the pressure on the World Championship leader. CAS Monster Honda rider Evgeny Bobryshev had also got away well, running in 3rd and pushing hard to keep with the leading duo.

Leok had gotten away well in moto 1, running in the top six behind PAR Honda's Brad Anderson. As the race developed he pushed past the PAR man and began to close in on Ramon and Philippaerts. On lap 13 he made the pass on both in short succession, moving into 3rd and began to create a gap, before a small mistake dropped him back to 6th. On the very last lap, his luck ran out as the tank ran dry and he slipped down the order to 13th.

On lap 10, Leok made his move and muscled past the KTM rider. He soon created a comfortable gap as he took charge of the race. Bobryshev - still feeling the effects of small injury picked up in the deep sand of Lommel just one week previous - struggled to maintain his 3rd position, tussling with Ken de Dycker and Clement Desalle and eventually being shuffled backwards.

But out front Leok was dominant. A late charge from Cairoli did not upset his rhythm as he held strong and repelled the challenge. On the last lap Cairoli was threatening once more but the Estonian navigated the backmarkers more skilfully than the KTM rider and the Italian's race was done.

Elswhere, Evgeny Bobryshev had faded slightly as the race distance grew, eventually crossing the finish line in 9th. His team mate, Gareth Swanepoel was 12th and both Martin Honda riders Jimmy Albertson and Yu Hirata were outside the top 20.

In moto 2 Leok had once again made a fine start, as had CAS man Bobryshev, running 3rd and 2nd respectively as the field strung out. However, the Estonian's run of bad luck came back to haunt him once more as a stone lodged itself in the rear brake, jamming the system. In the frenzy of trying to free it, whilst still attempting to make the upcoming corner, Leok fell and in trying to recover dropped down the field to 13th. Undeterred, the LS man set about regaining his rhythm and regaining positions.

At the front Bobryshev was holding a strong 3rd position behind Clement Desalle and Antonio Cairoli. His team mate Gareth Swanepoel was also pushing hard, holding down 5th position. Leok was back in his stride, expertly guiding his CRF450R past the riders in front of him. As the race drew to a close, he had closed on his Honda counterpart Bobryshev and Ramon and Nagl had also joined the party.

CAS rider Bobryshev was fading once again and could not hold on to the 3rd position he had held for 18 laps of the 21 lap race. In the last three laps he was passed by Ramon, Nagl and Leok. In doing so, the LS man, Leok, moved into 5th and earned himself a well deserved spot on the overall podium.

Bobryshev's team mate Gareth Swanepoel was unfortunately forced to retire late in the race with a mechanical issue but will take some consolation from a performance that saw him run inside the top 5 for much of the moto.

Martin Honda riders Jimmy Albertson and Yu Hirata will also take consolation from much improved performances in the second moto, Albertson finishing in 13th and guest rider Hirata ahead of many World Championship regulars.

There is now a short break before the next round in Campo Grande, Brazil which will provide some much need recuperation time after the back-to-back rounds of Lommel and Loket.


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Tanel Leok, LS Motors Honda:

“It was difficult to beat Cairoli but I was strong and had genuine pace throughout. I was very pleased to get the win. In the second moto a stone got caught in the break and the break was jammed on and I ran up the hill. I fell off and lost many positions. A finish of 5th is ok but it could have been better. I am happy to be on the podium overall.”

Jimmy Albertson
    Honda Racing MX Martin:

"I’m still kinda beat up and I really didn’t think I was going to be able to ride this weekend. To get 13th in the second moto felt as good as winning. It was great to be able to put two motos together and get some points on the board. I am going to go back home now and try and get myself healthy so I can come back strong in Brazil."

Evgeny Bobryshev
    CAS Monster Honda:

"I still have a small injury from the 2nd heat in Lommel and it has been tough to move around all week. My starts were good but I had lots of pain in the middle of the race, especially in the whoop section and over the bumps. I couldn’t get over it and unfortunately that why I faded in both motos. I will get myself fixed up for Brazil and hope to go good there."

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