Geelong's McAdam Park Motorcycle Complex Fights for Survival and Wins.
A series of articles and press releases from May 2009 onwards relating to the fight to save McAdam Park headed by the Barwon Recreational Motorcycling Council.
Even though the Victorian State Government announced that $1 million had been set aside, it was always going to be a battle to raise the remaining funds.

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The Fight to Save the McAdam Motorcycle Complex has been Won!

It may be easy to think that this story only effects Dirt Bike Riders in the Geelong area of Victoria. If you think that, you would be very wrong. In fact, it could well be seen as a lesson or even a "How To" template for riders, groups and clubs in other states.

To get state government funding requires jumping through a long list of complex hoops. If the McAdam Park project had failed, it would only have made it more likely that future applications by motorcycle clubs for government funding would also be turned down. A precedent was set that may well echo on into the future.

This really was a case of Dirt Bike Riders Unite!

It was a test that showed the dirt riding community of Victoria has what it takes to get behind a project and get the job done. Hopefuly this will be a sign of even greater things to come.

- Dirt Bike Australia Editor

The story as it played out ...

Back in May 2009, the State Member for South Barwon, Michael Crutchfield announced that $1 million has been set aside by the Victorian State Government to help retain Geelong’s McAdam Park in Barrabool as a dedicated motorcycling facility.
(see Press Release: Victorian Government Chips in to Save McAdam Park)

However, as anticipated, the story didn't end there. More money and effort was needed.

Without a reasonable committment from local government to get behind local business and tourism, the road to keeping McAdam Park fully functional was still going to be a rocky one at best.
(see Press Release: Geelong Motorcycle Complex Still Needs Local Government Support!)

As time was running out for getting a firm committment from the Geelong City Council, almost any announcements regarding the McAdam Park complex were politicised to some degree, including the "last minute" announcement about Round Three Of The Geelong Moto Cross Club Championships.

As the battle to save the sports icon hit its finals days and the decision by the council would either see 'City Hall' continue its controversial month or finally have a good news story to sell, Peter Lindeman (Barwon Recreational Motorcycling Council Chairman) had these words to say. Along with further editorial coments by Geelong Moto Cross Club President Frank Cambria.

Fortunately for those who had fought long and hard to save McAdam Park, Motorcycling Australia joined in and finaly sealed the deal. See Dirt Bike Australias article for a more detailed summary of events leading up to the saving of McAdam Park and the ultimate conclusion of this success story.

Editor's Note - The fight to save Geelong's McAdam Park Motorcycle Complex in Barrabool will quite likely have an impact on many Victorian dirt bike riders and their families for many years to come.

The loss of this venue, which is used for both road and off-road motorcycle competitions and training, would have diminished motorcycle sport in Victoria.

Dirt bike Australia would like to thank all those riders who cared enough for the future well-being of their sport to get behind the "Save McAdam Park" project and add their voice to the cause.

Sporting Motorcycle Club Geelong