Motominder Engine Hour Meter, an Innovative Accessory for Dirt Bikes, Trail Bikes & MotoCross machines - Motominder Product Profile, November 2008 Interview with Motominder designer and bike rider Nigel Duff, General Info and Motominder Competition. Motominder is suitable for both Two Stroke and Four Stroke engines making Motominder ideal for all Motorcycle, ATV (terrestrial) and Jet Ski (marine) applications.   

 Motominder - Engine Hour Meter 
 for Dirt Bikes, Trail Bikes 
 MotoCross Bikes, ATVs and Jet Skis

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Motominder Quick Info
Motominder - Engine Hour Meter
Engine Hour Meter
Simplifies Maintenance Scheduling
Easy to Install
Accurate and Reliable
Rugged Construction
Tamper Proof
For 2 & 4 Stroke Engines
2 Year Warranty
Estimated 10 Year Life
The First and the Best
The Motominder is recommended by Dirt Bike Australia as a worthy accessory for your dirt bike, trail bike or motocross machine.

Motominder can help you to keep your ride in peak condition and increase your bike's resale value.

 Motominder Placement Example 
 Kawasaki KXF 450 F

 Nigel Duff - Motominder Designer

 Nigel Duff - Bay Park ZXR

 Nigel Duff - RG500

When I first heard about the Motominder I though to myself 'What would I need that for?' ... but after finding out just what the Motominder does, I'm left wondering why it took so long for some one to create and market it.

And more to the point, why a device like Motominder isn't fitted as standard equipment to all new Motorcycles, ATVs, Jet Skis and other recreational vehicles.

One of the difficulties of owning anything with a motor is knowing exactly when that motor is due for servicing. Failure to maintain a propper servicing regime can see today's high performance engines self-destruct with frightening rapidity.

Even simple things like stale or cooked lubricants can induce abnormal wear in engine parts. The ultra-fine particles created during this process then further contaminate the lubricant accelerating engine wear and the further creation of damaging contaminants. Things can (and often do) go from bad to worse, very quickly indeed.

Preventing this degradation from happening in the first place, simply through well-timed regular maintenance could easily save a rider hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Then there is the added advantage of being able to match the readings from the Motominder to servicing information. That might not sound impressive now, but wait until you want to sell your bike, then it could make one hell of a difference.

Being able to show (and prove) to your prospective buyer that the bike has been well maintained, could easily be worth way more cash in your pocket than the initial low cost of a Motominder.

To get some insights and find out more, read the down to earth and upfront interview with rider and Motominder designer Nigel Duff below.

Visit the Motominder web site for more detailed product information.

An Interview with Nigel Duff, designer of Motominder

Nigel Duff is an Industrial Electrician, the original developer of the Motominder Engine Hour Meter and Co-Director of the Motominder company. Nigel is also a keen off-road motorcycling enthusiast (yep, he's a dirt biker).

Hi Nigel, thanks for taking some time out from your busy schedule to answer some questions for visitors to the Dirt Bike Australia web site.

Q. In your recent (summer 2008) newsletter, you mentioned you had just come back from a two month stint in Europe working as a 500GP mechanic. So, I'm curious, where did you go and what did you get up to?

In 2001, a couple of people I knew from New Zealand where over in Europe running a 500 Gp team, Pulse Gp, with your own Mark Willis as the #1 rider and a young Englishman, Jason Vincent on the other bike. One day a call came from the team manager, asking if I could come and help them. I was there in eight days, sold one Business, put one on hold and got there. We tested at Catalunya twice and did three Gp's, at Suzuka, Welcome in South Africa and Herez in the bottom of spain. In two months they ran out of money and so we all went home. Best time of my life, just awesome, I’ve competed in roadracing and motocross since I was 18 and to be working as a mechanic at that level was fantastic.

Q. Is your involvement with international racing something you see continuing into the future?

My guess is no. It’s very hard to break into that scene, even harder now. Whilst I still know a few people there it’s not likely that the chance will come again.

Q. What has the response to Motominder been like in the world of Pro Racing?

Motominder is involved with a few small race teams but at Pro level most mechanics are right on top of their maintenance. Motominder provides the most benefit to those riders who don’t have that kind of support.

Q. I believe Motominder sponsors some racing teams, how did that come about and has that helped with your product development?

A little while back, our Australian distributor, Lorraine Harding, was approached by team green in Australia. We have had a long association with Kawasaki here in NZ and so we offered to help. A lot of our initial testing was done in conjunction with Brett Roberts from BRM who was involved with Kawasaki NZ at the time. We also supply a couple of private teams running KTM's and Husabergs in Europe.

Coming back to Earth a little ...

Q. Do you see Motominder as something that the average dirt bike rider could install themselves, or would they need the services of a qualified mechanic?

If you can use a rag with some meths on it and clean a place to put it, you can install Motominder. Electrical connection is easy. Bolt the black wire to the frame and cable tie the red wire to the HT lead that goes to the spark plug. If you have a "pencil coil" ignition, you may cable tie the red wire around the top of the "coil" or wire it in directly. In the last case, a qualified person may be required; it just depends on the skill set of the rider. There are instructions on our website.

Q. I can readily see how bike shops might want to install a Motominder on any new dirt, trail or motocross bike they sell. But what about riders who have had a bike for ... let's say, more than 12 months. What's in it for them?

All motocrossers require maintenance. The new range of four strokes need a piston, pin and little end bearing every 15 or so Racing hours. Then there is oil, filters, cam chains, valve clearances, chains, sprockets, etc. Doesn’t matter if they are brand new or five years old. Note that a weekend out at the forest or local track just fanging about may not be as hard as a Gp on your favourite toy, but its still needs lovin or its going to go bang and leave you stranded somewhere. My experience has shown me that road or dirt, racing or just having a fang in the forest, having a well maintained bike underneath me was never a bad thing. Often it made the difference between wining or losing. A few times, the difference between riding home or pushing.

Q. Hooking the Motominder up to a dirt, trail or motocross bike is, well ... not unlike tying it onto the devil's tail. I couldn't really imagine a nastier environment for an electronic device. How do you manage the punishment that the Motominder has to survive?

Motominder was designed specifically for use on Motocross bikes. Initially my motocross bikes, for me. So it was built as it should have been. The input circuit will stand 10,000 volts. The plastics we used are impervious to petrol and the kinds of solvents they are likely to be exposed to. Motominder is potted with epoxy resin to protect it from water blasters and the components from the effects of vibration. The adhesive foam tape is from 3m and it is the best I can buy. The enclosures are tested to three bar, twice during manufacture, A couple still slip through, but as racers we knew what we wanted and did what we needed to do.

Q. You provide the Motominder with a two year warranty, but claim that it should be good for up to ten years. So I'm going to put you on the spot here and ask: How many devices have failed inside their warranty period?

Despite the checks that we run on our components during manufacture, there are still a percentage of shall we say less than perfect units that slip through and make their way onto customer’s bikes. In any given production run our failure rate has been less than 1%. With respect to our replacement policy, I feel that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful relationship. We want to sell you a Motominder for your next bike and the one after that, if we don’t perform, that wont happen.

Q. What is the most common end-user problem that the Motominder service department has to deal with?

As I said we get about 1% back that have failed due to quality control issues, but really we don’t get much trouble with it at all. Motominder has been supplying dirt bike riders for nearly six years now and the effort we put in at the beginning has proved its worth.

Q. In the rare circumstance that a rider might encounter a problem, how quickly is the problem likely to be resolved?

I answer my Emails twice a day most days. In six years there has not been an issue that I could not address. Worst case, the bike shop where you bought Motominder is out of stock and cant supply a replacement until I can send some out.

Q. It's great to know that the Motominder is yet another excellent innovation from Down Under. I seem to recall reading that Motominder started out in New Zealand ... is that right?

Born and bred in NZ, Still here, best little country on earth.

Q. The global exchange rate would have to make Motominder particularly good value for International as well as Australian customers. What sort of penetration does Motominder have into International markets and where do you see that going into the future?

We set up a stand at a motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, about four years ago and have a great distribution network in Europe to show for that. As we speak our first shipment is on its way to the USA and I am looking forward to the response there. It has been a difficult market to break into, but we have a committed distributor in JJ Petchel, of PC Racing and I'm sure he will do well.

Q. Motominder was the first Engine Hour Meter on the market, but now it seems you have several competitors. How do you feel the Motominder shapes up against the competition?

It’s not without a little pride that I can say, I still think we have the best hour meter for dirt bikes, our date of initialization feature is unique and as Motominder is not resetable, if the maintenance is carried out on time and documented the resale value of the bike is well worth the investment. I developed Motominder from a clean sheet so to speak with no compromises. It costs more to produce [than competing units] and that cost reflects in the price that the customer has to pay, but none of the competition comes close. That there is competition where there was none, shows me the need there is for this product.

Q. Without giving away any corporate secrets ... where do you see the development of the Motominder heading in the years ahead?

There are no secrets, Motominder will continue to assist riders to get the best from their bikes, to provide them with an accurate method of knowing when to carry out the maintenance specified in their manuals.

Q. Do you have plans to develop other related products into the future?

Not at present, good ideas like this don’t happen every day. If another opportunity to create something as useful as Motominder does spring up I will definitely look at it. The experience of developing a product and bringing it to market where it can do some good has been interesting and given the chance that experience may benefit other ventures.

Thanks again Nigel for taking the time to share your thoughts with visitors to the Dirt Bike Australia web site. We would like to wish you and your excellent Motominder Engine Hour Meter product, every success for the future.

Thanks Peter,

Nigel Duff

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Motominder Testimonial

The dealer had given me a rough price range for my trade in without seeing it. I had assured him that it had been meticulously maintained and that it was worth at least the high mark of his price range, if not more. He said everyone told him that.

The combination of the hour meter, log book and the obvious excellent condition of the bike confirmed and more importantly provided direct evidence that it had been meticulously maintained and as a direct result I was offered several hundred dollars more than the original price range, I was quoted for the trade in. So the motominder effectively paid for itself and then some :)

Dave D

 Nigel Duff fang'n-it on a TM300

 Nigel Duff  - TM300

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