Dirt Bike Australia's - Dirtiest Ride Downunder 2010 Competition for Australian Dirt Bike, Trail Bike, MX and Enduro riders
Brought to you by Dirt Bike Australia, Bush Experiences and Motominder. Competition closed, winners to be announced soon.

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 The Dirtiest Ride Downunder - 2010 Competition 
 for Aussie Dirt / Trail Bike Riders 
 Brought to you by Dirt Bike Australia
 Bush Experiences and Motominder

 Dirt Bike Australia - HOME 

 The Dirtiest Ride Downunder - 2010 Competition 
 for Aussie Dirt / Trail Bike Riders

 Dirt Bike Australia - HOME


The Annual Dirtiest Ride Downunder Competition
for Aussie Dirt / Trail Bike Riders

Brought to you by Dirt Bike Australia and our friends & sponsors

Dirt Bike Australia's competitions won't be about who is the fastest, toughest or meanest dirt biker or trail rider.  It won't matter at all if you don't happen to ride the most lethal MX weapon.  Instead we will be looking for riders (both gals and guys) with a sense of humour and a down to earth outlook about themselves, their bikes and their sport.

Anyone who can read, write and take a photo can win our Dirtiest Ride Downunder competition. You won't need exceptional writing skills or professional camera equipment. See the 2009 Dirtiest Ride Downunder Winning entries for some great examples.

The challenge of our Annual Dirtiest Ride Downunder Competition is to come up with your best true (or very nearly true) story of your Dirtiest Ride Downunder.

The Basics You Need to Enter:

Your story must be accompanied by at least one decent photo (with a maximum of three photos). You need to be an Australian resident and you must be 18 or over to enter (with either a full license or Learners Permit for proof of ID).
   See the complete entry terms and conditions below.

Entry is completely FREE!  Nothing to sign up for, nothing to buy!

So ... Next time you're heading out there to find some mud, don't forget to take your digital camera and a sense of humour!

Some Hints for Entrants:
  • Pictures of your spouse covered in mud and posing in a compromising position will NOT be considered appropriate (I know it sucks, but this isn't a porn site).

  • Your story has to be about Dirt Bike riding in Australia, preferably including plenty of mud!

  • Humour is good, the clever use of bad taste will be considered.

  • Don't waste your time by writing a story full of swearing because we won't be able to publish it.

  • Stories less than 100 words will not be accepted ... your story is supposed to be entertaining.

  • Don't reveal real names or addresses (aliases, nick-names and/or handles are ok).

  • Remember ... true life is generally stranger and also funnier than fiction!

This competition is open to dirt bike riding Australian residents, 18 years or older, holding a current full motorcycle license or learners permit (or riders who can provide satisfactory alternative proof of age).


2010 Prizes to be announced. The 2009 Prizes are shown below.

  • 1st Prize (2009):
    •  A really cool 2 Day Ride package FOR TWO with Bush Experiences
        You and a Mate get to spend two days with Bush Experiences, where you have the option to
        join a ride or organise more of your mates for your own Bush Experiences dirt bike weekend.
    •  A must have Motominder for your dirt bike weapon
    •  A one-off commemorative Dirt Bike Australia Winner's T-Shirt (size & shirt style of your choice)

  • 2nd & Third Prize (2009):
    •  A Motominder to help keep your dirt bike in top shape

  • Trailriderz Prize (2009):
    •  As a special prize, a member of the Trailriderz.com.au forum (who is a current resident of Tasmania) will also win a Motominder. Dirt Bike Australia appreciates the costs involved in getting yourself and a bike across the Bass Strait to Victoria, and we want to make sure our Trailriderz friends from Tassie don't miss out entirely.

Detailed Terms and Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entrants must be Australian Residents, 18 years or older (sorry, parental permission is not sufficient).

  2. Entrants must hold a current Australian motorcycle license or learners permit (any state or territory)
    OR be able to provide satisfactory alternative Proof of Age.

  3. Entries must be between 100 and 500 words and include at least 1 reasonable photo.

  4. Entrants must complete the required details and correctly answer the questions on the entry form.

  5. By entering this competition, the entrant confirms that:
    The entry and all submitted materials are the original work of the entrant. Don't bother copying stuff off the internet or from a mag, because we will check ... and bogus entries will be disqualified!
    The entrant allows unrestricted permission for a winning entry (includes text and images) to be published by Dirt Bike Australia and Big Red Roo Internet Services on the Dirt Bike Australia web site.

  6. Prizes are not redeemable for cash (but will include shipping where appropriate).

  7. 1st Prize does not include the provision of bikes, associated riding gear or any bike/gear rental costs
    Entrants from interstate may wish to consider rental options available from Melbourne.

  8. 1st Prize does not include the winner's transport costs to and/or from the venue and the prize must be redeemed within 12 months of the announcement date of the prize winner(s) or by other arrangement with the venue owner.

  9. The competition will run from August 1st (extended) to September 30th, 2009.
    The closing date for the competition may be altered based on the number of entries recieved. Any changes will be posted on this web page.

  10. All prize winners will be notified by either email, telephone (or both), and the winning stories and pictures will be posted on the Dirt Bike Australia web site after the competition closes and all winners have been notified.

  11. The judges' decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome.