2010 Kenda Rally Ride Report, Another Big Winner - Rubicon Valley, Eildon (Sunday May 23rd 2010).
The annual Kenda Rally held each May by the Alexandra District Motor Cycle Club of Victoria, is one of Australia's longest running dirt / trail bike rallies. This year's event was another success story for both riders and the ADMCC, once more adding some real excitement to the adventure of dirt bike and trail riding enjoyment.

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 2010 Kenda Rally hosted by the 
 Alexandra District Motorcycle Club

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 2010 Kenda Rally Poster 
 Artwork by Lambhead

 2010 Kenda Rally Photos

 2010 Kenda Rally Photos

 2010 Kenda Rally Photos

 2010 Kenda Rally Photos

 2010 Kenda Rally Photos

 2010 Kenda Rally - Ready to Start
Alexandra District Motorcycle Club

The 2010 Kenda Rally - Another Big Winner!
Presented by Nolan Helmets

Original 2010 Kenda Rally report kindly provided by Jon Martyn - Photos Courtesy of ADMCC

The 2010 Kenda Rally
Another huge rally success story in Victoria’s high country

It seems that dirt bike riders were truly hanging out for the Alexandra District MCC's 2010 Kenda Rally, with the limit of 500 entries being reached three weeks before the anticipated closing date. As the popularity of this event continues to soar, those who missed out in 2010 will just have to try to get in earlier next year.

“The Best Kenda Rally Ever!”

That’s what the riders were saying as they picked up their showbags of give aways at the end of two loops of prime Victorian high country trails. Their tired but satisfied grins said it all, as they parked their bikes next to their utes and trailers, grabbed a cold one and let the bench racing start in earnest.

Run In Perfect Conditions

The 2010 Kenda Rally was run in perfect conditions, with moist loamy trails and sunny skies greeting the 500 riders as they pushed their bikes through scrutineering and onto the starting grid. The Alexandra District MCC once more lived up to their reputation to provide one of Australia’s most iconic dirt bike events, returning after a year’s hiatus due to the devastating Victorian bushfires of 2009.

Recreational Registered Bikes Allowed in 2010

This years course change across the two loops enabled Rec Registered bikes for the first time. In previous years quite a few riders that had been champing at the bit to ride along side their fully registered mates.

As dirt bike riders from around Victoria and interstate descended én masse into the area, local Motels, Pubs and Caravan Parks did a roaring trade . A substantial contingent from NSW made the pilgrimage down south for some 'dust free' trail riding 'southern style’.

2010 Nolan Dash

This years Nolan dash was supplemented by giving winners a choice of either a Nolan helmet or an EK Chain and AFAM Sprocket pack. The victims (sorry: that should read 'potential winners') lined up for a no holds barred 50 metre sprint in full riding gear, with the inevitable falls and trips that go along with trying to run flat out through mud and muck in motorcycle boots. Hilarious to watch, and a real annual crowd pleaser.

Two Perfect Loops of Excellent Riding

The course was divided into the traditional two loops of approximately 80km each which gave the riders seriously good value for money, and allowing just enough time for a quick snack and a refuel between legs. Given the number of helmet cams in evidence, it's very likely there will be plenty of videos doing the rounds on youtube and the dirt bike forums.

This year riders were treated to a great mix of conditions with plenty of loamy uphills interspersed with flowing fire trails. There was even a section of single track that wound out over a rickety bridge to keep the fast guys honest. Some of the steeper uphill trails featured a chickens and roosters option which allowed riders to take the easy way if they felt they weren't up to the challenge. The legendary ADMCC Hill Pushers were stationed on some of the more challenging sections to render “technical assistance” to riders that weren't using Kenda tyres!

Later ... Every One's A Grinner at the Kenda!

Plenty of action at the merchandising tent, with nearly all the Posters, t shirts and long sleeves selling out by the end of the day. The Toylok tent had a steady stream of visitors, checking out the latest in Bike Security and locks.

After all the riders had picked up their licenses and grabbed their classy finishers stubby holder and meal tickets, it was off to the Crawford’s Catering spaceship for a gourmet feed and a drink, before the prize winners were drawn out of a hat. Trail Bike Adventure Magazine made sure everyone had a Magazine and a DVD in their show bags, along with a bunch of subscriptions as prizes. The Toylok team donated a stack of bike security locks sets, and all this was handed out to the lucky ticket holders

In all, well over $9,000.00 worth of gear was handed out to the riders on the day. There were stacks of Kenda tyres, Mobil Oil packs, AFAM Sprockets and EK Chain sets, with most of these great prizes being donated by Ron Angel Wholesale (who has been the major sponsor of the Nolan and Kenda rallies since their inception in 1985). Rally events like this can’t exist without great sponsors and Ron Angel has supported the ADMCC superbly, with 38 consecutive rallies carrying the Nolan or Kenda name. That must be some sort of record for Motorsport events in Australia.

The K&J Thomas Motorcycles biggest team award was hotly contested between “Matt's half & half’s” and the “Best blokes in the world”, with Matt's team winning 32 to 31. When the trophy and $500.00 in cash was duly handed over, bets were on that it wouldn't be spent on lollies and Fanta.

Thanks for the Wonderful Support - Again!

As usual the local Ambulance team were on hand to look after any injuries, but business was pretty quiet for them with only a handful of bruises and scrapes. To run an event with 500 riders entered and finish up with no broken bones or major injuries is an excellent effort considering the terrain and the kilometres covered. The local SES and WICEN Communications provided their usual faultless service to keep track of every rider throughout the day, enabling the club to keep on top of any emergencies that may have arisen.

Keep an eye on admcc.com.au for photo lots of uploads and in particular details of the upcoming 2010 Sawmill rally to be held in November.

AND ... Don't forget !! This is a great opportunity to select some pics to enter Dirt Bike Australia's 2010 Dirtiest Ride Downunder Competition.


 2010 Kenda Rally Sponsors


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