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Information regarding Accident and Life Insurance Cover for Dirt Bike Riders.

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Editor's Note - The Dirt Bike Australia web site does not recommend any one insurer for Accident and/or Life Insurance cover.

The reason for this is that riders (and/or their families) may get better deals by combining their insurance policies. In other words, approach your existing insurance company and see what they can offer.



How Can I Insure My Dirt Bike Riding Husband?

The original question was: Do you know any insurance companies that will cover my husband for injury/death to himself while riding his dirt bike?

The short answer is, that you are just looking for a Life Insurance Policy. The fact that your husband rides a dirt bike may slightly increase the premium (and/or risk), but probably less than if he were a long time smoker.

It's no secret that riding a dirt bike, whether it's just trail riding, motocross or enduro, is a hazardous pursuit. And with some riders ... well, it's more hazardous than for others ;-)

However from an insurance point of view, you are still only after a plain old fashioned Life Insurance Policy ... and most insurers provide them.

If you already have insurance policies (Home, Contents, Vehicle or even Health Insurance), then your first inquiries should be with those insurers.

Quite often your existing insurer will provide discounts if you bundle together a collection of insurance policies.

Generally ... Accident and Life Insurance Policies for less than $100,000 can be arranged almost instantly over the phone and without even so much as a medical examination.

Once you want to insure for more than $100Ks worth of insurance then the requirements (read: hoops you have to jump through) will rapidly increase and may include a medical examination and your provision of personal medical history information.

Whenever considering any Insurance Policy, always be very clear about what will and won't be covered.

Make sure that your insurer knows why you want this policy and be absolutely sure that there is no clause that excludes things like dirt bike riding (or similar outdoor adventure activities) from being covered.

The reality is that many more riders get seriously injured (and/or killed) on the road than they do off-road. So, though there may be a slightly higher risk factor for personal injury (generally broken bones), not too many dirt bikers actually perish out in the bush while winging it down a trail. Which is rather amazing when you actually think about it ;-)



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