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All Dirt Bike related information in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is presented on an "as is" basis for the convenience of our readers. We encourage visitors to further research all topics where possible, since all information is subject to change. Dirt Bike Australia can only do its best to keep information current and accurate.

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Editor's Note - Dirt Bike Australia welcomes input from our web site visitors. We attempt to answer all questions promptly. However we do operate with limited resources, so please be patient.

The Dirt Bike Australia web site regularly receives questions and requests from our visitors for information on a range of topics. Over time, a number of questions have been repeated by riders, so this Frequently Asked Questions section is being developed.

Some popular questions like "Where can I ride?" are not particularly easy to answer for a number of reasons. Partly because Australia is a large continent, and also because there is very little definitive information on where dirt bikers can in fact "legally" ride.

Some states (like Victoria & Tasmania) have made an effort to address this situation, but a comprehensive solution is still only in its early stages. Dirt Bike Australia is working on collating this information for use by Australian trail riders, and there will be a whole section dedicated to this topic.

More questions will be answered as time permits.

Frequently Asked Dirt Bike Related Questions

How Can I Prevent Fuel Going Stale When My Dirt Bike or ATV Is In Storage?
There will be times when something or other prevents you from riding your dirt bike or ATV for periods longer than a couple of months. Simple preparations can prevent unwanted problems.

Can I Ride My Dirt Bike Unlicensed and Unregistered on Private Land?
The real answer to this question actually runs deeper than whether you have a driver's license and/or a registered dirt bike.

Can I Road Register My Motocross Bike?
A common question from riders of purpose built off-road or competition dirt bikes (Enduro, Motocross), who don't want to buy another bike for public road use.

How Can I Insure My Dirt Bike Riding Husband?
Insurance questions should always be handled with care. However the answer to this one is simpler than you migh expect.

How Can I Avoid Scams and Rip-Offs when buying or selling a Used Dirt Bike?
There are some simple ways to avoid getting ripped-off or scammed when buying or selling a Used (or Second Hand) dirt bike. Take care that you protect yourself and your identity.

How Do I get into Motocross Racing in Australia?
When the weekend ride just isn't enough any more ... there's always dirt bike racing!


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