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Information to help riders get into competitive motocross and enduro racing events in Australia.

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How Do I get into Motocross Racing in Australia?

So you've been riding dirt bikes for a while and the 'family friendly' dirt bike outings and club BBQ meets just aren't enough excitement for you any more. Well, the logical next step is to get your butt onto a race track and try to hold your own with the big kids.

Before going further ... It's worth mentioning that, as with all motor sports, there are varying levels of competition. Each of these will have different demands on your skill level, your dirt bike and your wallet.

For those just starting out and wanting to get a taste of racing on a track, the easiest solution is to join a club that already has a motocross or enduro track set up. Most clubs with a track will hold a few competitive events over the course of any given year.

There are also quite a few clubs around Australia that host pro level race events. Before you sign up however, you might want to check out a few events to get a feel for what's involved. Have a talk to some riders who are already into the pro or semi-pro aspects of dirt bike motorsport.

The Motorcycling Australia web site provides information on the different levels of dirt bike competition in Australia along with their associated rules, regulations and requirements. You can also find contacts there for organisations, clubs and tracks in various Australian states and territories.

Before you rush off to the track with your adrenaline surging, bear in mind that while even weekend dirt biking can be physically and mentally demanding ... racing is a whole different level ... you will need to be really physically fit if you want to avoid unnecessary injuries. You will also want to have good insurance for yourself and your bike, since any injuries you do sustain are quite likely to be expensive ones.

Also worth noting ... Your bike will be scrutineered before races, to make sure that it is up to competitive racing standards. This is to protect both you and the other riders. So you will have to be pretty serious about your dirt bike maintenance if you want to play the racing game.

Once again, this is where hooking up with a suitable club like the Sporting Motorcycle Club of Geelong at McAdam Park is a great idea. The SMCC can provide members with training, advice and a track to practice and compete on. If you can survive that, you can move up to national or maybe even international events ... if you have what it takes.



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