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Our dirt bike articles are intended to be a useful resource for dirt bike riders (and motorcycling in general), covering a broad range of topics from dirt bike & rider insurance to buying and selling your dirt bike, survival tips for both on and off-road adventures ... and more.

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Dirt Bike Articles

The Dirt Bike Australia articles index has been created to help you find information you are looking for on this web site as quickly as possible. Over time we hope to cover just about every dirt bike related topic imaginable. So these are our humble beginnings.

  Buying or Selling a Dirt Bike
In our two part article we help riders reduce the risk of Buying and Selling a Used Dirt Bike with some straight forward and practical advice. Part 2 of Buying and Selling a Used Dirt Bike includes what to look out for when inspecting a dirt bike ... before you part with your money. Riders either buying or selling should also be aware of How To Avoid Dirt Bike Buying and Selling Scams.

  Dirt Bikes, Global Warming, the Environment and Sustainable Riding
All dirt bike riders need to come to terms with the fact that whether or not they themselves happen to agree the Global Warming (a.k.a. Climate Change) debate, Global Warming will have impacts for dirt bike riders throughout Australia and beyond.

One of the challenges facing all dirt bike riders into the future will be Eco-Friendly dirt bike riding and the Sustainable Sharing of Trails, making sure we look after what may very well become a diminishing resource.

  Dirt Bike Insurance & Security
Dirt Bike Insurance is an essential that no rider should skimp on. We explain what to look out for when buying insurance and offer simple sensible advice.
Dirt Bike Security has been and most probably always will be a challenge for bike owners. We make some recommendations on how to secure your ride and what to do if it does get stolen.

  Dirt Bike FAQs
Our Dirt Bike FAQ section is a series of short Question and Answer articles that resulted from inquiries sent in by visitors to Dirt Bike Australia.

  Dirt Bike Safety & Survival
Our Dirt Bike Survival series of articles is intended to help novice riders come to grips with some of motorcycling's hazards. Our first article Dirt Bike Safety and Survival covers some of the basics to hopefully help riders live to a ripe old age.

The Outback Dirt Bike Survival article explains how you can enjoy the Australian Bush & Outback while preventing avoidable injuries and disasters.

  McAdam Park Geelong - A Success Story
A series of articles and press releases covering the history of the Fight to Save Geelong's McAdam Park dirt bike venue. A classic example of what dirt bike enthusiasts can achieve when they get motivated and involve their local community and businesses.


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