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  DBA Web Site Policies

  • The Dirt Bike Australia web site is wholly and independently Australian owned, hosted and maintained.

  • Dirt Bike Australia promotes the ecologically sensible and environmentally sustainable use road registered, off-road and recreational vehicles.

  • We are currently co-operating with the Victorian DSE (Department of Sustainability and Environment) and Parks Victoria's "Trail Bike Initiative" with the aim of providing helpful and practical information for Dirt and Trail Bike riders.

    A similar co-operation is planned for respective government agencies within other Australian states and territories.

  DBA Web Site Content

  • Statements made and opinions presented in articles and/or interviews reflect the views of the respective author and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the Dirt Bike Australia web site's management.

  • Though all information and content posted on the Dirt Bike Australia web site is checked for accuracy, to the best of our editorial ability, we urge all readers to employ discretion and common sense.

    You use ANY of the information and/or links provided through this web site At Your Own Risk.

  • Dirt Bike Australia has an open communication policy whereby any reasonable inquiry will get an email response as promptly as possible (usually within 48 hours).



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Dirt Bike Australia does NOT gather information about our visitors. All communications with Dirt Bike Australia will be considered private. No information revealed by visitors will be published or made available to ANY third parties without the visitor's written approval.

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