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 Dirt Bike Australia - HOME

 Dirt Bike Australia - HOME
Occasionally some great Dirt Bike Accessory deals come up ... and this is where they will be posted.

ResQLink™ - 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

Smaller than a Mobile Phone, this compact Personal Locator Beacon is just the thing for those Dirt Bike adventures into the Aussie Outback. This PLB could save lives Read More ...

CONTOUR GPS - Full HD Camera/GPS Combo

Dirt Bike movie makers will love this Camera and GPS combo. A complete package to record your dirt bike adventures in glorius High Definition video, while GPS tagging the entire event for later review.
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Magellan® Launches Next Generation Of Explorist®

Magellan and their Australian distributor, Next Destination, have unveiled the next generation of Magellan's award-winning, rugged eXplorist Handheld GPS devices for the outdoor recreation market. Read More ...

GARMIN eTrex Vista® HCx

Compact, sturdy, portable and powerful little Handheld GPS unit from GARMIN has a built-in (barometric) Altimeter and includes an Electronic Compass ... plus a raft of other useful and easy to use features.
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