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CONTOUR GPS - Full HD Camera/GPS Combo for Dirt Bike & Trail Bike Riders

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 CONTOUR GPS - Full HD Camera/GPS Combo 
 for Dirt Bike & Trail Bike Riders

CONTOUR GPS - Full HD Camera/GPS Combo

Recording your ride just took one phenomenal leap forward

For all you budding Dirt Bike movie makers out there, this is a Camera and GPS combo worth considering. At a RRP of around $600, it's not a cheapie. However it does offer a complete package to record your dirt bike adventures in glorius High Definition video, while GPS tagging the entire event for later review.

Contour GPS Features:


  • GPS-enabled to capture your speed, altitude, and location

  • Accurately tracks your every move

  • Compare your data against friends for fun and competition

Hands- Free

  • Wearable anywhere with the patented Trail™ mounting system that makes it easy to slide and lock to your body, equipment, or vehicle

  • Lightweight - at only 5.3 ounces, it is the lightest hands free video camera in the world

  • Compact one button operation is easy to use even with gloves on

  • Dual laser alignment and rotating lens helps you line up your shot every time

High Definition (HD) Video Recording

  • Choose between 3 resolutions, 2 frame rates, or a still photo mode so that you can get the best shot
    - Full HD 1080p (1920 x1080 @ 30 fps)
    - Tall HD 960p (1280 x 960 @ 30fps)
    - Action HD 720p (1280 x 720 @ 60 fps)
    - Still Photo (1,2,5,10,30, or 60 second)

  • Rotating wide angle lens (135°) captures all of the action

  • 2 GB Micro SD card memory card to record hours of HD video. Compatible up to 32 GB card

  • NASA Scientist developed Omni-directional microphone captures rich sounds while keeping wind noise to a minimum (yep, developed by a real rocket scientist)


  • Easy to use software to download videos from camera to computer

  • Storyteller application to edit and assemble your videos with an “awesome” button to identify the best parts

  • Interactive map that lets you watch your video while also tracking your run


  • Share online to your favorite social media site or with a few clicks to contour.com  External Link

  • Tell your story by adding a title, description, tags, and the epic location of your video

  • Challenge friends to fun and competition by sharing videos and data

Differences from ContourHD

  • GPS Receiver

  • Enhanced locking back door

  • Red LED underneath larger record switch

For More Information:

Distributed in Australia by www.ContourAustralia.com.au  External Link




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