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... ok it's a personal rant ;-)

Firstly I'd like to make it very clear ... That I enjoy reading a "good" magazine.

However, I consider pulping what's left of our forests for the production of periodical magazines that are 85% (or more) advertising is verging on criminal stupidity.

Sadly, our news papers and magazines in general, are still struggling to come up with practical (and of course profitable) online business models.

This is particularly unfortunate, given that "news" is never news for long.

News is therefore ideally suited to the digital "Post it, then Archive it" approach, similar to that employed by online forums and/or blogs.

Do we really need a stack of mags lying around so that we can look up what bike and/or rider was a "world-beater" two or three years ago. Does any body actually remember or even care?

Sure it's cool to read about the latest technologies, products and exploits of top riders ... but after a few months ... who gives a rat's arse.

The truth is that dirt bike riding is all about riding. It's the useful stuff like "how, when and where" that you might want to keep lying around ... for those times when "getting out there" is for whatever reason not an option.

It is a simple reality that magazines will eventually become primarily digital, though they may well get there kicking and screaming all the way.

I would only hope that along the way editors don't forget that substance still matters more than glitz and hype. There is already enough BS in the world, we really don't need to pile it any higher in stacks of outdated paper.

I stopped subscribing to printed mags some years ago ... it's called voting with your wallet.

- Editor
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ADB Mag - Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine

For 25 years, the definitive source of information for off-road motorcyclists - from beginners wondering where to ride... More and what gear to wear, to seasoned riders getting their monthly fix of racing action and bike hot-up advice. The editorial mix caters to junior riders, 'weekend warrior' trailriders, full-blown racer-heads and the technically-minded. Bike tests, riding tips, equipment guides, race reports and rider profiles are all delivered in the larrikin language of the market with full-colour professional photography.

Dirt Action   Launching its web site in 2009, the Dirt Action magazine is one of the more recent arrivals on the Motocross magazine scene. This is something that is also reflected in the relatively youthful age of the Dirt Action magazine's editorial staff. The casual style of the articles is also likely to appeal to younger riders. Articles cover the usual topics of Interviews, Bike Reviews, Race Reports, Riding Tips and Riding Gear. The Blog and Articles would benefit from the occasional use of a spell-checker and some proof reading.

EMD - Eat My Dirt

Motorcycle News Australia

TBAM - Trailbike Adventure Magazine

TransMoto Magazine - Launched in 2010

VMX Magazine


New Zealand Dirt Bike News and Magazine web sites

Dirt Rider Downunder (NZ)

NZ Motorcycle News

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If you are looking for bike or style specific info that you can't seem to find locally, try some of the international dirt, trail, mx, fmx, or enduro bike magazines. - From its humble beginnings in 1972, Supercross has become a worldwide phenomenon enjoying unprecedented growth and making it the second biggest motor sport in the USA behind NASCAR. is committed to represent the sport and its sponsors to the fullest extent. was completely redesigned in 2008 to deliver even more news, statistics, community tools and information on races, riders, teams and industry events.

Dirt Rider Magazine - A California (US) based site with forum to support and sell the Dirt Rider mag.

Dirt Rider .Net - A US based news site and forum.

Motocross 101 - Tips - A useful site for all dirt bike riders. - A US based very commercial motocross news site by Source Interlink Media. More about selling gear than provoding Motocross news. They have shut down their forum.



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