NuvoGuard Clip Pro Motion Sensor for Motorcycles and ATVs, an innovative Security Accessory for Dirt Bikes utilising mobile phone technology
Please note that using this device (in the manner described by the vendor) in Australia may contravene Australian State and Territory Privacy Laws. This Dirt Bike Australia Product Review of the NuvoGuard Clip Pro (dated June 2009) should be seen as a product advisory warning and not as a product endorsement .

 The NuvoGuard Clip Pro (formerly Teleguard Clip Pro) 
 Product Reviewed by Dirt Bike Australia

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Important! - Dirt Bike Australia does NOT recommend or endorse the use of NuvoGuard Clip Pro product

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It appears that this product (NuvoGuard Clip / Clip Pro) is no longer available and it's maker has moved on to new endeavours ... which is probably a good thing ;-) The Novolutions web site has been repurposed as a bio - 150824
NuvoGuard Clip Pro
Quick Info

NuvoGuard Clip Pro - Tilt Sensor
May be illegal to use in Australia under State and Territory Law under some circumstances
Motion & Tilt Detection
No Wiring Required
Relatively Easy to Set Up
Suitable for Bikes & ATVs
Sends Phone Call / SMS
Requires a Mobile Phone
(Not Included)
Warranty Not Specified

 The NuvoGuard Clip Pro (formerly Teleguard Clip Pro) 
 by Novalutions, shown attached to a suitable cell phone.

 The NuvoGuard Clip Pro (near actual size)

Being a long-time technocrat, it's fair to say that I like technological toys.
So when I was first approached by Novolutions, I thought the NuvoGuard (formerly called Teleguard) was a really cool idea, and I have to confess that I really wanted very much to like this product. But as they say, things are rarely as simple as they seem.
(See Questions of Legality).

Put simply, the NuvoGuard is a very compact motion/tilt sensor and audio amplifier that hooks up to a specific make of mobile/cell phone and dials home or sends an SMS message if the bike (or other vehicle it is on) is bumped or moved. The device comes in two types suitable for use with a motorcycle and has some fairly obvious advantages and disadvantages ... but more on that later.

So when the NuvoGuard Clip Pro arrived for reviewing, I immediately got all enthusiastic about trying it out. After opening the bubblewrap pouch, I encountered my first obstacle.

The former Novolutions web site had mentioned that the NuvoGuard device only worked with certain mobile/cell phones. I remember having immediately thought: "cool, I have a couple of those". Unfortunately, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have and the phones that I have are not the right flavour of N----- mobile ... Bummer!

So I scoot back to the Novolutions web site ( in the hope of getting some more info, only to find that the web site had been rebuilt since my last visit. Though it now looks much neater than it did previously, there also appears to be even less actual information (and there was bugger-all info there before). More significantly, there is now absolutely no mention of the required/suitable phone brand or model(s).

This left me with no recourse, but to shoot off an email to Novolutions (parent company in Israel), to hopefully get some answers.

Meanwhile ... I ponder (with a wry grin) the note in bold type on the front of the packaging that reads: "Ready to use in just 5 seconds".

By the next morning, an email had arrived advising me that there are three older model N----- phones that can be used with the NuvoGuard. I now suspect that these are no longer named or shown on the Novolutions web site for legal reasons.

A quick hunt on ebay revealed that, though these may be "older model" mobile phones, they will still set you back anywhere between AUD $50 and $150 (includes shipping), depending on their age and condition, the accessories provided (like chargers and hands-free kits), and their point of origin.

However, since Novolutions were not prepared to send Dirt Bike Australia a free or even discounted sample of the NuvoGuard Clip for evaluation (they wanted their sample paid for or returned), we were not inclined to fork out for yet another (old) mobile phone, that would most likely be totally redundant after the review.

Also there was a nagging question ... as to how the use of such a device might fare under Australian Privacy Laws? A highly informative fifteen minute phone call to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and subsequent emails served only to confirm existing suspicions. See below ...

Questions of Legality
(updated February 16th 2010)   [ TOP ] [ BACK ]

Please note that the following applies primarily to the NuvoGuard Clip Pro version of the device that was submitted for review and potentially applies to the NuvoGuard Clip product as well, depending on how and where the device is used. The following should NOT apply to the NuvoGuard Home product, if used as a surveillance device on Private Property.

The NuvoGuard Clip Pro has the ability to be called (and turned on/off) remotely and discretely from another phone. This would essentially allow some one to deliberately eavesdrop (or spy) on the vicinity where a bike (or other vehicle) fitted with the NuvoGuard Clip Pro is parked.

After consultation with the AFP (Australian Federal Police) regarding this capability, the Dirt Bike Australia web site wishes to advise any dirt bike or motorcycle rider considering using the NuvoGuard Clip Pro as a listening device, that such use may contravene Australian State and Territory Privacy Laws.

Furthermore, any evidence obtained using the NuvoGuard Clip Pro in this manner, for example; an audio recording of a theft in progress, would not be admissible in court because that recording and any subsequent related information would be considered to have been illegally obtained.

It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that it would be illegal to sell, purchase or own the NuvoGuard Clip Pro in Australia. It may however make owning one rather pointless, since its use would be illegal under most circumstances.

Potential buyers outside of Australia are strongly advised to contact the relevant Law Enforcement Agency in their locale before purchasing, reselling or using this device and to find out whether its use is likely to breach any local, state or federal laws. You have been warned!


Potential Advantages of the NuvoGuard Clip:     [ TOP ] [ BACK ]

  • The NuvoGuard Clip is offered as a "no wiring required" motorcycle security solution. This means the NuvoGuard can be set up by any rider, at any time, with minimal fuss.

  • The NuvoGuard can be added or moved to any bike (ATV or other vehicle), at any time, without making any modifications.

  • The NuvoGuard Clip is very compact. The device itself is a tiny 25 x 35 x 8 mm. The the largest component is the mobile phone (to be purchased separately). That should provide plenty of options for securely locating / hiding the NuvoGuard device on most motorcycles ... and it should fit comfortably under most dirt bike seats.

  • A great idea if you always carry your mobile phone with you and leave it turned on.

  • The price of the NuvoGuard Clip itself is quite reasonable, when compared to some other motorcycle security solutions.

    But ... don't forget that you will probably also be footing the bill for another mobile phone, the respective mobile network charges (a pre-paid SIM card would be the best option) and at least another spare mobile phone battery.

Potential Disadvantages of the NuvoGuard Clip:   [ TOP ] [ BACK ]

  • It is important to note that the NuvoGuard Clip by itself won't actually stop someone from stealing your bike. There is no engine immobilisation (or similar) involved. But you may get to listen to the thieves' conversation as they haul your dirt bike away on the back of a Ute. In other words ... the reality is that you will still need a bike chain or other physical restraint to truly secure your dirt bike.

  • If your bike is located any substantial distance away from where YOU are (whether the bike is physically secured or not), then to be honest, your dirt bike could already be in transit before you could ever reach it. Possibly even before the call (or SMS) to your personal phone gets through ... particularly if you are using your receiving phone at the time, there is severe network congestion, or your personal phone is turned off.

  • If you forget to carry your personal mobile phone, lose it, leave it turned off or flatten the battery - you are potentially screwed!

  • The device does not have an audible alarm, which I personally believe is an essential theft deterrent for a device of this nature. An audible alarm may also help to get around at least some of the "legal" issues involved in using the NuvoGuard Clip.

  • The NuvoGuard Clip system requires mobile/cell phone network coverage to work. If you park your dirt bike in a mobile network dead-zone (or shadow), this device will be about as useful as teats on a bull. With regard to use with dirt bikes, this will also obviously exclude many remote Australian locations.

  • Though the sensitivity of the motion detector is adjustable, I can see this device being accidentally triggered by just a good strong gust of wind or an accidental bump. It is worth noting that you will still be paying for those mobile phone calls and SMS messages, even if the incident is a false alarm.

  • Phone battery life may also be an issue if the NuvoGuard device is in use for extended periods. Ideally, you would always have a charged spare phone battery ready to plug in. The NuvoGuard system will obviously not be of much use if the phone it is normally attached to is indoors getting charged.

    Novolutions, the manufacturer of NuvoGuard Clip, does provide links to a collection of third-party 9V chargers, including a solar version (these can be purchased via through a link on the Novolutions web site).

Price, Purchase and Delivery:     [ TOP ] [ BACK ]

The NuvoGuard Clip Pro can be purchased online from the Novolutions web site or through ebay for USD $99 (or for around AUD $130 to $150 depending on the exchange rate). Expected delivery times will generally be around 7 to 10 days, which is nominal.

Though Novolutions may also be able to provide a suitable mobile phone for use with the NuvoGuard Clip (at an additional cost), it would be better if the mobile phone was sourced locally and was fully compliant with the relevant Australian standards.

If ebay prices are any guide, a suitable model mobile phone will set you back another AUD $100 to $200 (includes postage & handling) if sourced from within Australia. So an all-up cost of AUD $200 to $300 could be expected. There are other options available (without attendant legal issues) in that price range, so the cost of the mobile phone impacts heavily on price competitiveness.

Please see our Product Review Summary in the right-hand side-bar.

Incept: 15/06/2009   Updated: 24/08/2015

This Article/Review is protected by Copyright


 Dirt Bike Australia

 Packaging for the Teleguard Clip Pro 
 (now rebadged as NuvoGuard Clip Pro)

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NuvoGuard Clip Pro
Product Review Summary

The NuvoGuard clip is an interesting idea with scope for improvement.

Ease of use and installation is a major plus. So is portability and the fact that the NuvoGuard Clip could be employed on any dirt bike or ATV without having to touch the wiring.

In Australia, the NuvoGuard clip would probably be better suited to street bikes and/or use in the city, suburbs and outer suburbs where mobile phone coverage is consistently good. I wouldn't want to be relying on it out in the "sticks".

The device would benefit from having an audible alarm as a deterrent and ideally would be used in conjunction with a physical restraint like a sturdy bike chain.

Though the NuvoGuard is not a comprehensive bike security solution (for example, it has no deterrent capability or engine immobilisation), it does potentially come in at less than half the price of some of the more complex wired bike security systems. If you have your mobile phone turned on all the time anyway, then a solution like this might work for you.

However, due to the questionable legality of using this device in Australia, the Dirt Bike Australia web site does NOT recommend either the NuvoGuard clip or NuvoGuard clip Pro as a viable motorcycle security option for Australian road or dirt bike riders.

While Dirt Bike Australia has decided NOT to recommend or promote the NuvoGuard Clip (or Clip Pro) products in their present form, we may re-evaluate subsequent updated versions that comply with relevant Australian laws.

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NuvoGuard Product Models

At the time of writing (June 2009), there are three Novolutions NuvoGuard products available.

The first two, the NuvoGuard Clip and NuvoGuard Clip Pro are intended for use on equipment like Motorcycles, ATVs and Boats.

The third and semi-fixed version, the NuvoGuard Home is intended as a more traditional security option for monitoring an enclosed space.

NuvoGuard Clip
and NuvoGuard Clip Pro

The NuvoGuard Clip (base model) differs only slightly from the more expensive Pro version, in that it lacks the ability to be called remotely.

Both are motion activated with auto dialer capabilities that can call up to 2 pre-programmed numbers (phone, pager or sms).

It is the NuvoGuard Clip Pro's ability to be silently called from a remote phone, which would make it illegal to use in Australia under most, quite possibly all, circumstances.

NuvoGuard Home

The NuvoGuard Home utilises the same basic mobile phone technology as the NuvoGuard Clip, but with the addition of an Infra Red motion sensor.

Where this device is used internally within a house, garage, factory, business, boat or other Private Property this device will be covered by the same legislation as other existing security and surveillance equipment.

The NuvoGuard Home should therefore be quite legal to operate in the manner described by Novolutions. However you may be required by law to put up signage indicating that the premises is under surveillance.

An advantage of the NuvoGuard Home over most existing surveillance systems is that it is totally portable and does not require any additional wiring to operate.



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